Spring & Summer Cleaning

Spring & summer cleaning is a necessity. The winter months are tough on our homes. And dust, mold, dirt, and clutter gather while we’re too busy shoveling snow. Our spring and summer cleaning service will have your home looking and smelling clean again.


For homeowners who want to start with a clean slate every spring, Stress Free Clean will do a detailed seasonal cleaning of your Barrie home, top to bottom. 


 A Barrie spring clean up of your home will get you ahead of the game in your routine house cleaning schedule. Our deep spring and summer house cleaning  is a perfect way to get every corner and edge of your house sanitized and tidy in one day. 


Our spring & Ssummer cleaning package includes a deep clean of your entire home. It comes with lots of extra cleaning tasks that tend not to get done on a regular basis. As well as the standard services you would associate with a professional clean, such as washing floors and sanitising toilets, vacuuming, dusting high and low to remove all allergens in your Barrie home. 


This ultimate spring cleaning package really includes serious attention to detail. For example, we will dust lamp shades, wipe door handles and frames, and even dust your skirting. When we’re done, you will feel like a breath of fresh, spring air has permeated your entire property and it’s time for the sun to shine!


Our Barrie cleaners & maids are extremely flexible and can custom-clean according to your needs and requests. Simply let us know what needs attention and how you like things done. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. Don’t wait until the season is over, call Stress Free Clean today!



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