Are you looking for a dependable and consistent house cleaning company for your home in Barrie? Stress Free Clean is a company that prides itself on our 100% Clean Guarantee.

The Guarantee: If your home is not cleaned to our stringent requirements or you notice something that was missed we will return to your home the next day at no additional charge for a complete new reclean of that area.

Bonded, Insured & Screened To Keep Your Family Protected!

Have you shopped for a house cleaning service and wondered what would happen to your home or family if this person was not who they said they were? Or maybe you were concerned they might not do an excellent job and leave you hanging when you need them the most? With Stress Free Cleaning Services customers do not have to worry! Our team is screened and a background check is performed to ensure you can rest easy and enjoy the smell of a freshly cleaned home!

Flexible Cleaning Schedule

Stress Free Clean works around your schedule. We can perform weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, one time, and special occasion cleans just for you. 

How Can We Help You?

Below you will find a list of all the available services we can help you with. Please don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.

House Cleaning

Having A Clean House

Having a clean and comfortable home is important. It is often hard to find the time to thoroughly clean a home, especially with all the demands of life. Stress Free Clean home cleaning services is here to meet your needs. 

Cleaning For Seniors

Cleaning help for seniors

One of the most difficult challenges faced by senior citizens is keeping their home clean and presentable. Cleaning chores that were once easy can become physically exhausting or even dangerous as it can lead to accidents and falls. At Stress Free Cleaning services we can help alleviate the stress of cleaning so you can always enjoy a clean and presentable home.

Pet Friendly Cleaning

Pet friendly cleaning

We are proud to offer a cleaning service that is pet friendly. Special consideration is given to your companions while cleaning your home, ensuring your pet is comfortable during the entire cleaning process.

Special Occasion/Party Cleaning

Party Cleaning For Special Occasions

Hosting a party can be an exciting time. While you may love entertaining, if you don’t enjoy the cleaning process our before and after party cleaning services could be just what you need. 

Real Estate Cleaning
(Pre Sale/Move In/Move Out)

Real Estate Cleaning Service Move In & Out

Our Pre-sale, Move-in/Move-out cleanings cover everything in your home or apartment. This type of cleaning really gets deep into places usually not covered in regular maintenance cleanings. This service will get your home clean and presentable for your pre-sale, move in or move out.

Rental Property Cleaning

Cleaning Rentals For Property Managers

We know you want to minimize the time it takes to freshen up your rental before it’s time for the next renter to check in. At Stress Free Cleaning Services, our professional investment & rental property cleaners will work with your rental schedule to ensure your rental property is cleaned thoroughly and quickly before the next family or occupant moves in.

Post Renovation Cleaning

Cleaning After A Home Renovation

Renovating a home takes time, planning and patience. After all of the work is complete, the project may look new, but most likely it is filled with dust and debris. With our post renovation cleaning service there is no need to worry about the final cleaning; let us do the dirty work for you so you can just rest and relax.


Spring & Summer Cleaning

Cleaning For Spring & Summer Time

Spring and summer cleaning doesn't have to be a chore. The Stress Free Clean Team will scrub, shine and hand-wash their way through your home until everything is cleaned just the way you want it. Our spring and summer cleaning is a complete, thorough cleaning of your entire home.  

Condo & Apartment Cleaning

Cleaning Condominiums & Apartments

After a long day of work, why should you have to worry about cleaning? Cleaning an apartment or condo can be time consuming if it has gotten out of hand. The apartment & condo cleaning services offered by Stress Free Cleaning Services can help to alleviate some of the chores and stress of cleaning your apartment or condo.

One Time Cleaning

One Time Cleaning Service

One-time cleaning services are great options for clients who do not require regular recurring cleaning services or clients who need one-time house cleaning before or after a special occasion.

Deep Cleaning

Deep House Cleaning

We provide heavy duty, detailed, deep house cleanings from top to bottom and we bring all of the necessary supplies. We recommend a deep cleaning the first time we come to clean your home. This gives us the opportunity to address areas of the house that may have been neglected for a while. 

Green Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Eco Friendly & Healthy Cleaning Services

Having peace of mind in a clean & healthy home, without the worry of harsh chemicals surrounding your loved ones, is priceless.  Our professional and thorough Eco Friendly Cleaning Services ensure your home is not only clean, but also a healthy environment for everyday life and play.  



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