Pet Friendly Cleaning

We are a pet friendly cleaning company and all of our team members are animal lovers. Whether you have dogs, cats, a rabbit, hamster, budgie or turtle, you can rest assured your pets are in good hands when our team of pet friendly maids come out to clean your home.


Just like you, your faithful companions need a naturally clean home free from toxic chemicals. Stress Free Clean only uses cleaning products that are not only natural, but create an environment that is chemical free giving you the added benefit of a beautifully, natural fragrant home.


We are proud to offer a cleaning service that is pet friendly. Special consideration is given to your companions while cleaning your home, ensuring your pet is comfortable during the entire cleaning process.


Most clients have a regular home cleaning schedule either weekly or bi-weekly. With a regular pet friendly house cleaning service, you can enjoy the consistency of a well maintained home. We tailor our cleaning tasks during each visit so that your home gets fully cleaned during the appointment. The regularly scheduled visits prevent any one area from getting too dirty and maintains a totally clean and healthy environment for you, your family and your pets.


A regular weekly or bi-weekly pet friendly maid service is usually the most economical choice because the cleanings require less time and are discounted based on frequency. 



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