Cleaning For Seniors

Everyone enjoys a clean home, but for seniors simple housekeeping tasks can become very difficult or unmanageable. Even daily upkeep requires a lot of energy and time. Seniors who experience a lack of mobility or are ill can find it especially hard to stay on top of daily tasks. An untidy home can be dangerous, increasing the risk of injury or illness. 


Cleaning chores that were once easy can become physically exhausting or even dangerous as it can lead to accidents and falls. At Stress Free Clean of Barrie, we can help alleviate the stress of cleaning for seniors so you can always enjoy a clean and presentable Barrie home.


Stress Free Clean offers home cleaning services that help create a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment so your loved one can stay at home, living independently with a greater sense of confidence and security – and with greater peace of mind for you.


If your schedule makes it difficult to provide the care your loved one needs, consider calling Stress Free Clean. Our friendly Barrie maids can visit your loved one on a regular schedule to help with  the difficult chore of housekeeping for seniors.



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