This checklist includes most areas in your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and other living areas. Items not included in the list below can be added to your home cleaning service by contacting us.



  • Clean/disinfect sink(s), taps & surrounding area
  • Clean/disinfect toilets
  • Clean/disinfect tubs, showers
  • Clean/disinfect counters
  • Wipe out soap trays
  • Clean posterior of toilets
  • Mop floors, sweep, vacuum floors
  • Dust baseboards and Trim
  • Dust blinds and ledges
  • Windex mirrors
  • Sanitize door knobs
  • Sanitize light switches
  • Damp wipe cabinet doors
  • Mats and rugs vacuumed
  • Window sills cleaned
  • Empty garbage




  • Clean sink, taps and surrounding area
  • Clean appliance exteriors
  • Damp wipe cabinet doors
  • Clean counters tops, cupboards
  • Mop floor, sweep, vacuum floors
  • Dust baseboards, Trim and top door
  • Dust blinds and ledges
  • Disinfect light switches
  • Clean backsplash
  • Clean kitchen table, wipe chairs
  • Empty garbage
  • Window sills cleaned
  • Microwave exterior/interior cleaned


All Other Rooms
Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room, Hallway, Foyer, Staircase, Laundry Room.

  • Dust window sills, ledges
  • Dust blinds
  • Dust baseboards and Trim
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust/vacuum couches
  • Vacuum floors, carpets
  • Mop floors, sweep, vacuum
  • Clean stairs, banister and railings
  • Dust Furniture, pictures, lamps, etc.
  • Spot Clean/wipe walls
  • Sanitize light switches
  • Clean sliding door/windows (inside)
  • Dust bookshelves, fireplace mantle
  • Mirrors windexed
  • Front door cleaned
  • French doors cleaned
  • Fingerprints removed
  • Empty garbage
  • Upholstered furniture vacuumed
  • Cushions and pillows fluffed and straightened
  • Ceiling fans dusted

Other Additional Available Services


  • Oven Cleaning (interior)
  • Fridge Cleaning (interior)
  • Wash Inside Cupboards
  • Make Beds / Change Linens
  • Finished Basement Cleaning
  • Interior Windows




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